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Canadian Auto Electric: Exclusive Dispatching and Delivery Apps are now LIVE!

Canadian Auto Electric (CAE) is excited to announce that it has completed its development of exclusive new dispatching and delivery applications. As we celebrate over 40 years of success, CAE is always ‘Driven to Exceed’. This is why, for the past 12 months, we have worked day and night to build our own proprietary dispatcher and delivery-oriented apps. After a lot of designing, tweaking, and optimizing, we are pleased to reveal that our CAE apps are fully functioning and being utilized throughout our delivery network successfully.

CAE’s Dispatching and Delivery Apps are Bringing the Order and Delivery Process to the Digital Age

Gone are the days of physically writing orders by hand. From the time an order is placed, our dispatching team will be able to create orders, generate invoices, and assign orders to our delivery fleet. This new app will take those orders and automatically route and/or re-route drivers based on the best delivery time, distance, and traffic conditions. Our new apps are intuitively smart and assess each order independently before assigning it the routes that will result in the quickest delivery.

Our dispatchers are in complete control of the ordering process, and this app will increase productivity and efficiency by giving them the following tools:

  • The ability to override any route as needed to optimize delivery time
  • Direct access to information on product inventories and parts currently enroute
  • Precise GPS movements supplied by Google Maps
  • The capability to assign specific orders from our multiple warehouse locations to the closest drivers nearby for the quickest possible delivery
  • Information to manage deliveries and supply information to our customers in real-time.
CAE’s Driver Delivery App

Our CAE delivery drivers now have their very own dedicated delivery app that is optimized for their rugged Sonim phones. This app is capable of making deliveries quicker and more efficient by supplying drivers/fleet managers with the following tools and information:

  • The ability to take pictures when products are delivered
  • Notifying them when manage cores are picked up
  • Provide detailed delivery information to our customers
  • Two-way communication between our drivers and dispatching team in real-time
  • The ability to see up-to-date traffic and weather conditions via cell phone which are mounted directly to the dash of each CAE vehicle
CAE’s New Apps Improve the Customer Experience

Thanks to the dedicated CAE team from all departments, the past 12 months of development were amazingly successful. This hard work led to the development of smart apps that could improve the procurement and delivery of all of CAE’s automotive and heavy-duty parts to our customers.

Our new apps have been developed directly to improve the functionality of CAE’s business structure, concentrating on all aspects of CAE’s daily operations, including our remanufacturing production team. This technology will not only help improve our business but will also greatly enhance the customer experience by supplying reliable delivery data to them in real time. Our development of these new apps will truly shine once our e-commerce website opens its doors for business. Soon, our customers will be able to order, track, and manage all their orders online.

As the demand for CAE’s premium products grows tremendously, CAE is always attaining new techniques for faster and more efficient means to minimize downtime for our customers. With these new technologies, CAE’s remanufactured, new aftermarket, and OEM parts will reach the doorstep of existing and new customers in record time.

If you want to learn more about our new apps or how to access your order and delivery information contact us or give us a call at (416) 299-1699 or toll-free: 888-283-7483.