General Questions

Canadian Auto Electric offers 1-year or 20,000 km (whichever comes first) standard warranty on manufacturer defects of parts only. Commercial vehicles receive a 6-month warranty on remanufactured parts or 1-year on new aftermarket parts. Canadian Auto Electric also offers a 3 year optional upgrade warranty on most products. For more details, refer to our warranty terms and conditions.

Yes! Our proprietary website is a powerful e-commerce tool. Both business and consumer customers are welcome to use our search engine to search for the parts they need. CAE stocks remanufactured, new aftermarket and OEM parts on a wide range of applications for all industries in our 5 warehouse locations. You can check availability, pricing, and quality, as well as any feedback left by prior customers. If you order for in-store pick up, your order goes to our head office store so we can pull the part and have it waiting for you in most cases, same day!

Remanufactured Parts

Automotive Remanufacturing involves completely disassembling, cleaning, examining and repairing and replacing defective components with brand new, original or aftermarket components in order to restore the product(s) to OEM specifications. The result is a high-quality product at a substantially lower price compared to brand-new OEM parts.

Yes! CAE uses computerized testing machines to replicate the vehicle’s advanced computers and simulate multiple setups for a product that exceeds OEM specifications.


An alternator is an electromechanical device which converts mechanical energy into alternating current electrical energy. Your automobile is constantly in need of electrical energy where the alternator utilizes the vehicles engine power to turn an electrical magnet or rotor within a motionless set of coils around a stator or iron core. The spinning motion produces a force of voltage in the stator windings through magnetic lines. The stator produces AC current which flows through a rectifier, which is then converted to DC power to charge your battery. CAE stocks an expansive array of alternators for all industries to minimize your downtime.

Yes! Canadian Auto Electric carries brand-new and remanufactured High-Torque starters for forklifts. These gear-reduction starters were designed with the highest quality components on the market today for maximum clearance to fit in those hard to reach locations. Our gear-reduction starters utilize a 4.44 to 1 gear ratio which provides unsurpassed performance and efficiency over conventional starters. CAE’s high-torque gear-reduction starters are packed with tremendous power on stop/start applications for reliability and durability.

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. There are some basic tests you can perform to help determine whether you need a new alternator:

  • Start the vehicle and turn on your headlights, if they’re dim, this may indicate that your lights are running off the battery. Rev the engine, if they become brighter, this indicates that your alternator is producing some current, but not enough at idle to keep the battery charged.
  • Start the vehicle, if there is an alternator or battery light flashing on your dash, or permanently on, this may indicate that the alternator should be inspected.

This is NOT recommended. Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. Before you install the alternator, ensure that the battery has a full charge. Even a brand-new battery does not come fully charged. Charging the dead battery or a battery that maybe only partially charged with your alternator will cause the alternator to be overloaded, resulting in its destruction and could cause serious damage with expensive repairs while voiding the warranty.

A conventional DC electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy with a wire wound field coil in the case housing of the motor. Electric motors operate through the interaction of magnetic fields and electrical conductors, generating force to operate the electric motor.

Within a permanent magnet DC electric motor, the wire wound field coil is now replaced with a material which is magnetized to create its own persistent magnetic field - called a permanent magnet. The result is a motor that can now produce 30% - 40% more power density than conventional DC electric motors while also weighting a lot less and smaller in size. Permanent magnet DC electric motors are available today at Canadian Auto Electric to help your machinery and equipment perform at their peak efficiency.

CAE carries an expansive inventory of DC Electric Motors for all applications including salt spread motors, hydraulic motors, pump motors, fire wheel hose motors, conveyor motors, winch motors, salter motors, reel motors, golf carts and more, both, brush and brushless motors.

Yes! However, it depends on the automobile and current alternator. A higher amperage (load) alternator will not harm the current battery unless a higher voltage from the alternator is produced due to a faulty regulator (which will damage the battery). Canadian Auto Electric customizes each alternator to your specific automotive needs and always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform any electrical / mechanic services on any vehicle.

Yes! Canadian Auto Electric has 100% new and high output performance engineered alternators that achieve to produce UP TO 75% maximum amperage at lower RPMs. Tell us your needs and we’ll aim to create a customized alternator with ceramic coated housings to handle high heat. Our certified technicians add additional copper wire windings in the stator, soldered connections coated and special silicone to reduce corrosion and protect against high heat and vibration. These are just a few of the customizations we make to produce high output performance alternator parts.

Canadian Auto Electric remanufactured parts meet or exceed the specifications of the original OEM parts. We ONLY remanufacture and manufacture OEM cores engineered and built to deliver the same or better starting and charging power as the original equipment units they replace. Canadian Auto Electric parts are also built to handle extreme heat, cold, and high demand. All automotive electric parts and products undergo a rigorous critical management system and testing process to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Yes! Canadian Auto Electric has a wide range of alternators and starters available for Thermoking and Carrier refrigeration units including a wide range of trusted brands such as Leece Neville, Kubota, DENSO, Mitsubishi, Presotlite, Bosch, Delco Remy, ISKRA, MAHLE, Hitachi, Marelli and more. CAE’s alternators and starters for refrigeration units either meet and or exceed the extreme electrical tolerances of commercial applications which are crucial for mass transit and commercial goods transportation.

From a quality CAE remanufactured product to an aftermarket alternative to an original OEM unit, Canadian Auto Electric is your number one source for all refrigeration unit alternators and starters.

Starters and Driveshafts

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. Test the battery first. If the battery is functioning properly, the following symptoms may indicate you need a new starter:

  • Clicking sound after trying to start your vehicle
  • Engine turns to slow or no crank at all
  • Constant cranking after ignition switch released (Indicating ignition switch issue)
  • Starter drive constantly spins out

Before replacing your starter, check to see whether it's a faulty ignition switch or solenoid. Be sure to also check your battery and starter cables for any corrosion or wear on the cables. High resistance in these wires may prevent the proper voltage from reaching the starter which can cause slow or no crank at all.

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. There are a few ways to check your CV axle:

  • Check for cracks and tears in the CV Axle boots.
  • Does your vehicle make a clicking sound when you make a turn? If so, you may need a new CV Axle assembly due to worn joints.
  • Vibration from the front end of the vehicle while driving may indicate that you need to repair or replace the CV Axle due to a bent shaft or worn joints.

C.V Axles (shafts) are constantly rotating with the wheels. This means the C.V Axles are being worn out evenly at the same time. It is always recommended to replace C.V Axles in Pairs, both left and right sides together to ensure optimal reliability and performance.

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. There are a few ways to check your propeller shaft:

  • Inspect the surface of the propeller shaft for any visual damages, wear, cracks and tears.
  • Inspect the universal joints and flanges at all ends for sliding play or vertical play of the joints.
  • Inspect any Rubber O-rings and oil seals at the transmission and transfer case output.

Vibration while driving is also an indication that a propellor shaft may need to be inspected, serviced or replaced. CAE has increasingly expanded its inventory of brand-new aftermarket and OEM replacement propellor shaft / driveshafts for direct replacements. With North America’s surge in All Wheel Drive (AWD) & Four (4) Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles, CAE is continuously expanding its coverage for the latest vehicles to hit the road.

Power Steering Fluid

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, you will need to inspect the three main systems:

  • Power steering pump
  • Rack & pinion
  • Gearbox

There may be a leak in one of these major components. Also, the power steering lines and connections should be inspected for leaks or cracks which may cause the fluid level from reaching the desired level.

Choose a power steering fluid with the required additives for easy lubrication. This prevents overheating and a potential breakdown. Refer to your vehicle owner’s guide for the recommended power steering fluid. Canadian Auto Electric always recommend’s O.E fluid.

Flushing the entire power steering system should be performed about every 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 km) and install a brand-new filter (where applicable). Inspect all power steering components for leaks, cracked hoses, and corrosion.

Can CAE…?

Yes! Canadian Auto Electric has an expansive range of alternators and starters available for many different types of John Deere machinery and equipment. We can remanufacture a John Deere alternator and starter for practically every piece of John Deere Equipment or Machinery on the market.

CAE carries a wide range of trusted brands such as Bosch, Kubota, MAHLE, ISKRA, Denso, Delco Remy, Prestolite, Lucas, Mitsubishi, Leece Neville and Nikko for your choice in 12V, 24V, 32V, 48V and 64V. From a quality CAE remanufactured product to an aftermarket alternative to an original OEM unit, Canadian Auto Electric is your number one source for what you need during any downtime.

Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform all electrical and mechanic services on any vehicle. Canadian Auto Electric’s high-output performance alternators will not harm your vehicle’s charging system or computer. CAE’s high-output performance alternators were designed under strict guidelines and conditions to meet specific requirements under the most severe environments. These alternators will NOT affect your vehicle’s charging system, charge light, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or check engine light.

Each alternator is designed to not only mount directly on your original bracket, but is also designed to operate as a direct plug-in, which is OEM PCM compliant with thermal protection.

With Canadian Auto Electric’s high-output performance alternators, you can be assured your vehicle will retain all OEM functions without any harmful over-charge or impact to the vehicle’s charging system and computer whatsoever.

What Is..?

Brushless design alternators are a technologically advanced version of the conventional alternator. This type of alternator contains fewer moving parts within the alternator housing case which significantly reduces heat and friction and results in less wear and tear for considerably longer life and reliable performance. Because the alternator performs much more efficiently from mechanical to electrical, the result is a substantial savings in fuel costs.

With no brushes, there is also no slip ring which results in less failure while operating at cooler temperatures to maintain its amperage output. A brushless design alternator is also quieter than conventional alternators.

Brushless design alternators are available today at Canadian Auto Electric in a wide range of trusted brands such as Delco Remy, Denso, Mitsubishi, Leece Neville, Prestolite and more for heavy-duty application fleets who want performance and reliability. Start saving fuel costs today on your fleet by giving CAE a call to upgrade your existing alternator units!

Remote Sense is an industry leading function in the Heavy-Duty alternator line for trucks, school buses, delivery trucks and more. This function can improve battery charge time by up to 50% while decreasing battery warranty claims by up to 30%.

Remote Sense technology is built in today’s heavy-duty alternators from Delco Remy to provide highly accurate voltage readings. These readings help the alternator to maintain 14 volts at the battery by increasing the voltage charge and reducing voltage drops to optimize battery charge. This results in significantly improved efficiency and overall battery life.

The Remote Sense industry leading function from Delco Remy, Denso, Prestolite, Mitsubishi, Leece Neville and more is available at Canadian Auto Electric today for peace of mind from voltage drops and continuous battery claims. CAE can upgrade your fleet with an ever expanding inventory from our multiple warehouses.

Gear-reduction starters represent a technologically advanced starter system which was introduced in the mid 1900’s by high-end car manufacturers. Today, this technology has been adopted by many manufacturers and is widely used on cars, trucks, machinery and equipment.

This modern version of the starter is almost half the size and weight of conventional direct-drive starters. It performs much more efficiently and effectively via a gear-train which helps crank the engine much faster while using less power. These gear-reduction starters are also available in high-torque versions which provide unsurpassed performance compared to standard starters.

Gear-reduction starters are available today at Canadian Auto Electric through a wide range of trusted brands for leading performance and efficiency.

Over Crank Protection (OCP) is a leading industry function in the Heavy-Duty starter line of trucks, buses, machinery and more. Before OCP was introduced, frequent stop/start applications were subject to thermal damage within the starter, frequently causing a loss of both time and money.

Currently, trusted industry leading brands such as Delco Remy, PACCAR, Mitsubishi, Leece Neville, Denso and Prestolite feature a built-in circuit breaker which protects the starter from thermal damage. The OCP function automatically detects the operating temperature of the starter and if the temperature is not operating at a safe level, it resets, protecting the starter from thermal damage and over cranking to costly internal components. This function also protects in the case of cold weather cranking, operator misuse, high-start circuit resistance, and low battery capacity.

The industry leading OCP function is available at Canadian Auto Electric today for peace of mind from thermal damage. CAE’s expansive inventory is its 5 warehouses are designed to minimize your downtime for your fleet.

Can I..?

This is NOT recommended. Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to install a Rack & Pinion. The process for a correct rack and pinion installation is very time consuming and will take hours. This process is very tedious and can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s power steering system if performed incorrectly.

In a nutshell, the rack and pinion should be completely removed from the vehicle. Once the rack and pinion is removed and aside, a complete power steering system flush should be performed which involves removing the ECM fuse, pouring the specified vehicle clean power steering fluid into the pump reservoir and cranking the engine. After the vehicle’s power steering system has been completely flushed to ensure there are no harsh contaminants in the power steering system, the new rack and pinion can be re-installed.

Yes! A high-efficiency alternator can definitely save fleets considerable amounts of money in fuel.

In a nutshell, as an alternator becomes more efficient in the process of converting mechanical power into electrical power, less engine horsepower is required, which translates into less fuel consumed - and substantial fuel savings. Standard industry alternator efficiencies have been rated in the 54% - 60%. Canadian Auto Electric’s new Delco Remy 28SI, 36SI and 40SI Heavy-Duty alternators operate with industry leading high-efficiencies from 68% - 70%. Operating data collected from applications have shown remarkable fuel cost savings of up to 20% with Delco Remy’s high-output alternators installed.

High-efficiency alternators for heavy-duty applications are available today at Canadian Auto Electric to help save your fleet significant fuel costs. The CAE Team can help your fleet save with upgraded parts which perform much more efficient and encompass enhanced reliability!

Yes! Canadian Auto Electric always recommends seeking a professional certified mechanic to perform diagnosis on any vehicle. In fact, it is necessary to ensure your vehicle’s charging system is in good shape. A vehicle’s battery is a primary source of the charging system. Noticeable signs of a faulty charging system are corroded wires and terminals on the battery, wet top surface of the battery and leaking or damaged battery case. To ensure your vehicle’s battery is in good condition, this test should be performed by means of a certified professional mechanic; the vehicle’s battery should be load tested for 15 seconds at 9.5 volts. While this process is being performed, the mechanic will assess the battery’s condition with the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) specific to that battery. Half of the CCA should be maintained at the battery specifications within that 15 second period to ensure the vehicle’s battery is in good state.

CAE Core Charge Policy

A core auto part is a part entirely or a component of an auto part that can be rebuilt and sold as a premium remanufactured part or a part that can be recycled for its housing frame and / or materials. Common core parts may include batteries, starter motors, rack & pinions, water pumps, alternators, brake master cylinders, CV Axles, gear box, drive shafts and air conditioning compressors. The return of core parts to the remanufacturer lowers the cost of the auto parts and related auto repairs and keeps hazardous materials out of landfills adding the CAE’s vision green mission.

A core charge is a form of deposit held for a maximum of 30 days by CAE until the return of the used part has been completed. Core charges are set by the remanufacturer and / or supplier and are based on the value of the materials in the part or the reusability of the old part. The core charge is added to the price of a part to encourage the return of the old part to be remanufactured. It is a refundable deposit added over and above the price of the part or product.

Yes! All core returns must be an exact match of the auto part purchased. The core must be of original equipment design as the one purchased, not an aftermarket, different brand or manufacturer. Cores that are disassembled, cracked housing frame, damaged and broken are deemed unusable and have no core value as they are impracticable and can not be remanufactured anymore.

CAE has a maximum 30 day core return policy for cores to be returned from the date of purchase with the original invoice. After 30 days, no core refund shall be issued. CAE proactively purchases cores to minimize down-time for all its customers and clients which is why such a core charge is important in its business structure.

Yes! The core must be an exact match to the product you purchased. CAE will not accept any replacement cores which are different in the form of a different manufacturer, brand, vehicle, model and design or any other alternatives.

All customers, businesses and patrons agree to be responsible for any / all core auto part returns. All core auto part returns must be fulfilled and completed only at CAE’s central facility located at 5310 Finch Ave E. Unit # 18. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Once a core has been returned, please allow up to 5 business days for a refund to appear on your credit card statement unless otherwise stated. Cores are welcomed to be transported through freight couriers at the expense to the customer, business and patron.

There may be core charges on remanufactured parts as well as new parts since the materials and the core part itself have value to the manufacturer regardless of whether the replacement part is new or remanufactured.

Many auto parts carry a core charge regardless of the usefulness or perceived value of the old part. Once the old core part is damaged, broken, disassembled, cracked and / or missing components, CAE deems this unusable and effectively has no core value consequently resulting in no core refund.

If a core part is missing or stolen, the customer is still responsible for payment of the core charge when purchasing a replacement part.

Along with the list of all parts used and auto repair charges, the core charge must be disclosed to the customer and must be separately itemized on the estimate.

The customer may request to keep the old core part for their needs. Parts that are sold on an exchange basis and parts that must go back to the supplier under a warranty or core arrangement are not required to be returned to the customer. In these circumstances, the customer must be offered the opportunity to see the replaced parts. Any replaced parts that cannot be returned to the customer must be recorded on the invoice. Once a customer requests to keep the old core part, the core charge will be effective immediately and no core refund will be issued indefinitely.

CAE Warranty Policy

CAE provides 1 year (12 months) or 20,000 KM (which ever comes first) standard warranty from the date of purchase (not the day of installation) with the original invoice. CAE’s warranty policy is based on manufactures defects ONLY. For more details, continue reading below or contact CAE through phone at 1-416-299-1699 or at

CAE warranties its products if the product fails within the 1st year (12 month period) or 20,000KM period due to manufactures defects ONLY (defective materials or flawed workmanship). If the product purchased fails within this period, the product must be returned by customer (customers expense) with original invoice, mileage / KM’s installed and mileage / KM’s removed for a thorough inspection, at which point, it will be determined if the product is subject to CAE’s warranty policy.

The original invoices is required for all warranty claims. Warranty claims / returns without the original invoice will be made at Canadian Auto Electric’s discretion.

CAE products that are subject to the warranty policy (defective materials or flawed workmanship) will be repaired or replaced and shipped to the customer at no extra charge.

CAE’s 3 year optional warranty policy provides repaired or replaced parts or products and shipped to the customer at no extra charge.

CAE does NOT warranty products purchased which are deemed VOID due to the result of misuse, modifications, incorrect installation, deliberate abuse, overload, negligence, accidents, or customer damage. Customer will be contacted and given a suitable solution for the product or return.

CAE assumes no liability/responsibility for ANY towing and labor costs, failure of product, replacement parts, loss of time, inconvenience, damages or any other expenses.

CAE Return Policy

Your purchase can be returned for a hassle-free exchange or refund (excluding any shipping freight fee’s) provided that the part or product has not been installed, used or tested on a vehicle and is in its original saleable condition and packaging. Returns must be accompanied with its original receipt within 30 days of the original purchase date. Returns without the original invoice receipt will be made at Canadian Auto Electric’s discretion and at the lowest sale price during the last 30 days. Returns are at the expense of all customers, businesses and patrons.

Regular stock products can be returned within 30 days of purchase to CAE’s central facility located at 5310 Finch Ave E. Unit # 18. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. in its original saleable condition and packaging. There is no restocking charge when returning regularly stocked part or product that has been picked-up from CAE’s central facility. A 20% mandatory re-stocking fee will be automatically charged for any unused product or part that has been delivered to businesses through CAE’s premium in-house delivery services.

NO returns will be accepted or refunded for any special ordered products. Any products that have been special ordered, shipped and in-transit shall not receive any credit or refund.

There are no returns on electrical products and parts. Any products or parts used, installed, damaged, broken and modified will be deemed the sole possession of the customer, business and patron which will not be accepted as returnable.

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